,Posted On July 14 , 2021

Posted on July 14 , 2021

Value Proposition

How will HelpXchange succeed in reducing the gap between the 1% and the 99% ?

Valuation is the answer !


INTRODUCING Value Proposition


Finding a sustainable solution one must eradicate the root of the problem, which in turn requires a clear and through understanding of the root of the problem.

In any transaction, an exchange of goods and services, between two parties, if one party’s services are valued more than the other, then one party will get richer and the otherpoorer. If this occurs repeatedly, with the same party winning, across the globe, it will and has led to the current gap between the 1% and the other 99%, whereby the 1% controls over 50% of the global wealth.

That said, it should be noted that wealth is but one aspect of total human prosperity and mis-valuation impacts all four aspects making up total human prosperity.

This mis-valuation phenomenon is evident in almost aspects of our daily lives at all levels from global issues such as climate change to political issues such as the refugee problems or the Israel-Palestine conflict to the very simple issues as minimum wage or Racial or gender inequality.

What makes the management of “valuation” process so difficult and complicated is that it changes with time and from transaction to transaction. Furthermore, those who benefit from this mis-valuation, primarily large institutions, have created a culture of misinformation and false values to maintain their ability to recognize mis-valuation as well as to correct it. The most powerful weapon in their arsenal being advertising and marketing. This is most evident in United states where this,‘Mis-valuation’ epidemic has spread even to the institutions which were designed to protect the public from it. These institutions include, not only the law enforcement agencies but also the highest political establishments such as the congress and the Senate as is evidence by the Jan 4th insurrection.

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