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The Most important component of any journey is knowing your destination., which we have established as “Helping each of us achieve our respective Prosperities’.

And the hardest part of any journey is taking the first step, to commit to the journey, and we have taken the plunge by signing up.

Often, once take the plunge we find ourselves unable to make progress and the natural tendency is to struggle, try harder and end up wasting a lot of energy.  Only to find that it wasn’t energy we needed to get moving but remove the chains which are keeping us from moving.  As a metaphor it sounds easy enough but in real life these chains are very subtle and not easy to recognize.  So, our next step is to identify these chains and how to free ourselves from theses restrains.   We have started this discussion in the “breaking Free section.  This section is also a continuing work in progress and will grow with the site along with the other parts of this guide.

Once we have identified these restraints, we need to free ourselves from them.

This is often not quite that easy and we need help doing it. This is where Collaboration comes into the picture.  This is quite normal, and we collaborate all the time.  They key difference is that in our current mind set we collaborate against a common enemy, as our current mindset is based on competition.  However, in our new mindset we will collaborate not against anyone but for each other.  This change in mind set is not easy as competition has been in grained into us for a veery long time.  In the collaboration section we will learn about competition and collaboration.

And once learn to collaborate start collaborating many of us will be on our feet and be ready to start generating value and begin to prosper.  And we will discover that we have been generating value all the time but now we are realizing it and while before we were generating value involuntarily for the benefit of strangers, now we will generate value deliberately and for the benefit of ourselves and our community.

  • We will learn how this site will help the other99% achieve Financial prosperity, through efficient ‘Wealth Management.
  • We will learn how this site will help those of who need it, achieve, Personal Prosperity, by effective ‘Health Management’.
  • We will learn how this site will help those of who need it, achieve, Emotional Prosperity through simple ‘Stress Management’.
  • We will learn how this site will help those of who need it, achieve, Spiritual Prosperity through basic ‘Relationships Management’.

Finally, from time to time we will take a break from our journey to reflect and reconcile.  And as we do, we will determine if we have made a difference and to what extent?

And based on this reflection we will be adding to all the different aspects of this site, so that it will become the ultimate source of valuable education for all.

Time to Get on the Road!