Our Projects

We will enhance our mission of reducing the prosperity gap one community at a time, through a series of projects. Here are some of our past and current projects so you can understand more of what HelpXChange is all about.


Project HelpXchange-AAS

Implementing HelpXchange at AAS championed

Once HelpXchange is functional, it will be tested in the community by streamlining all the initiatives for helping the community under one umbrella. This should bring transparency and accountability to all the initiatives and improve their Impact and efficiency



Project Clean up

A plastic free environment


One of the key threats to our global environment is the amount of plastic in our garbage. The garbage ends up in landfills, rivers and finally, the ocean. This is a multifaceted problem.

  1. We will reduce if not eliminate the amount of plastic that goes into the garbage. While it is a huge problem, it is an easy problem to solve.  Encouraging people to piut plastic in a separate recycle bin instead of the garbage can significantly address the problem. Each community must play its part by creating and maintaining a system for disposing of this plastic.
  2. We will work with institutions (mainly producers which use plastic for packaging etc.) to find ways to reduce the use of plastic.

Project GREAT

Globally Relevant Education And Training Championed

One of the most important key factors in the achievement of prosperity is EDUCATION. The education system is very effective in helping a minority of people succeed on the path to prosperity, but it has become very ineffective for the majority of the people. Additional support is required to supplement  education so it can be effective for the majority, which the current system leaves behind.


Project Rohingya Refugees Championed


Our goal is to help individuals who suffer from poverty in refugee camps where food, medicine and shelter are often limited due to civil war.