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“What we humans have in common is our pursuit of Prosperity.”


Where we differ is in what we believe Prosperity is and how we go about achieving it.

Although, when we think of prosperity, we think of financial prosperity or wealth. But in reality there are three other types of prosperity that we strive to achieve.

  1. Personal prosperity which we achieve through Health Management.
  2. Financial prosperity which we achieve through Wealth Management
  3. Emotional prosperity which we achieve through Stress Management
  4. Spiritual prosperity which we achieve through Relationships Management

Much of the data in this regard suggests that the majority of us are struggling.  Take Financial prosperity for instance.  The data shows that 1% of the people in the world control over 50% of the world’s wealth and nearly 2.2 billion people live below the US$1.9 poverty line, which means these people earn less than $2 per day.  There are similar statistics about the other three types of prosperities.  Health issues across the globe, not to mention the threat to our existence due to Global warming.  The increasing tension and stress due to growing insecurity; global conflicts and the like.

We believe that because we focus on our differences rather than on what we have in common that majority of us fail to achieve prosperity leading to the situation mentioned above. 

We believe that if we focus on what is common and work together towards achieving that common goal, we will succeed in achieving our respective prosperities.  Let us then agree that our common cbjective is Prosperity for all.  And our Mission is to

Help each other their achieve their respective prosperities and

Reduce the gap between the 1% and 99%

We believe that this path to prosperity consists of three milestones. 

Breaking Free, Collaboration and Generating value.

We believe that; just as it has been said;

Give the man a fish, feed him for a day:

            Teach the man to fish; feed him for a lifetime;


Therefore, we will focus on EDUCATING ourselves on:     

How to break free;.

How to Collaborate;.

How to Generate Value and  prosper.

We believe that :

While I cannot solve EVERY problem and neither can you:

But we can learn to solve ANY problem;

Therefore, together we can solve Every problem;

Based on these believes we have created this virtual global community, where, each of us can come together and learn from each other on how to prosper

is dedicated towards guiding us on our respective journeys to prosperity. 

This is how:

  • First we, agree on our Common Objective; Help each other prosper, by signing on.
  • We learn by reading the blog and various other posts to glean what is relevant to us by identifying from what we need to break free; where and how to collaborate and how to generate value.  All of which will be in the posts in time.
  • We teach by sharing our experience, which is what teaching is.  Every one has experiences they can share, which will be relevant to some.
  • We reflect to make sure we are making a difference by periodically measuring whether the 99% has reduced by counting how many of us have prospered and determining at what rate is this prosperity occurring and how to improve that rate.

It has been said that the journey of a thousand mile starts with the first step.

If you have signed up you have already taken the first on to this Journey to prosperity.

Welcome to the HelpXchange community – People Helping People.

Before we get on the road, we need a guide.  Please consult Guide for the Road to Prosperity

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