It is said that you are never too old to learn, so each of us is a LEARNER, so If you don’t have access to education and you wish to learn, click here.

In my over 20 decades of teaching, I. heave leant that the most effective learning occurs when the objective of learning is clear. And the other key aspect of effective learning is asking probing questions. And the most important question any learner must ask is;

What is my objective? What problem am I trying to solve? Or what conflict am I trying to resolve?

Once you have identified the objective or the question you are trying to answer, then the next step is to explore and seek information and acquire knowledge related to all aspects of the objective. Of course acquiring all the knowledge is not enough to find the most effective solution. You need the skills to analyze the information to identify the optimum solution. The most basic form of this skill is thinking, which all humans posess. Thinking alone, however, simply allow humans to choose/select a solution. It does not however necessarily lead to the most optimum or effective solution. Just like breathing, which all humans do, but effective breathing for swimming or other similar activities, requires special training. Steps to effective learning:

  • Identify your objective, or problem you wish to solve. This could be as simple as finding out what you need to learn. Which you can do by simply exploring this site.
  • You know your objective and wish to gather knowledge relevant to your objective. You can do this by :
    • exploring the knowledge base of this site,
    • going through the posts on “Universal lessons”
    • going through the posts by your community members and gain knowledge from their experiences.
    • Or simply googling ‘what you need to know’
  • Your objective is clearly defined and you have researched the topic and gathered the relevant information and now you wish to

Traditional education mainly focusses on gaining knowledge and leaves the skill part to chance.

GREAT Education, on the other hand, endeavors to provide both the knowledge and the skills for processing and using that knowledge.