How Can I Help

How Can I Help

Welcome to the HelpXchange community – people helping people. A couple of ways of helping are sharing and collaborating.

While Education is the road to prosperity, it is not a degree or certificate or a diploma, Real Education is learning to make smart decisions. It is the result of learning from our experiences and subsequently sharing those experiences with others.

So here is how we can help facilitate education across the globe.You will be amazed at the difference we can make in people’s lives, often with very little effort.

To READ more on the insights from “The Second Mountain”.

  • To READ more on the insights from other people’s experiences they shared “Click Here”
  • Everyone has something to contribute and be a teacher, so if you wish to Share your insights from your experiences “Click Here”
  • If you want to help yourself and need specific specific knowledge or Skills Click Here, LEARNER.
  • If you want to help others by TEACHING, Click here “I can Teach. ????” . to indicate what you wish to teach and how much time are you willing to donate.
  • In addition to a learner and a teacher, effective learning often requires a FACILITATO|R, whose function is simply to make learning possible and effective. Facilitator can be individuals such as volunteers, administrators etc. or institutions such as schools colleges. So if you wish to facilitate LEARNING, click here.
  • Finally, administrators are needed to manage all education institution, both physical and on-line. HelpXchange Inc, is a duly registered, 503C, nonprofit institution and is managed by volunteers and funded by the founders and through donations. If you have academic or administrative experience and wish to help Click here to go to the Administrators Page.