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A Rare Opportunity For the People of Pakistan, a second chance.

It is said that the devil is in the details, and when we get too wrapped up in details we lose the forest for the trees.  Perhaps that is why politicians are forever talking about all sorts of details to divert the attention of the public, the voters, from the main issues, and perhaps that is why politics is often called the work of the devil.

This phenomenon is being clearly demonstrated in the recent events taking place in Pakistan, initiated and brought to the forefront by Imran Khan.

Any unbiased and open-minded observer, with no personal agenda in the outcome of these events, will see how all the discussion and rhetoric has evolved and is now focused on all sorts of details.  I say evolved, because initially the focus was on the forest, namely that the current system of governance is corrupt and the political infrastructure ineffective.  While in a democracy the system is supposed to benefit the majority of the people not a select few, almost all of the governments of Pakistan since its independence have always operated for the benefit of a select few, while the majority of the people of Pakistan have continued to struggle, and perhaps are even worse off than ever before.  This is not a democracy.

Just going through the motions of a democratic system does not a democracy make!

Of course, none of the politicians and religious leaders could possibly disagree with this and fight Imran on this issue.  Consequently, the focus has shifted from this point to details.  In fact, it is quite humorous and ironic to hear these politicians assume the holier than thou attitudes and discuss the intricacies of the constitution and rules and regulations and protocols and the preservation of democracy and the sanctity of the parliament.  Such hypocrisy!

The truth of the matter is that the reason all of a sudden all the political parties as well as the religious leaders are collaborating and in cahoots with each other, is to preserve their own power bases.  Self-preservation makes for strange bedfellows and honor among thieves.

This is precisely what Imran Khan is complaining about and fighting.  No matter what one thinks of Imran Khan, it is clear that he is sincere in his beliefs and in his quest for seeking a better Pakistan.   All the politicians and the pundits are talking about the constitution and the rule of law.  They are making all sorts of speeches in parliament about the sanctity of the constitution, while forgetting the basic premise of democracy: government of the people, for the people, by the people, and in practice operating as if the privilege of being elected entitles them to be served by the people rather than serving the people. 

Perhaps they should listen to their conscience and instead of derailing this effort to fight corruption they might support it.  What an opportunity to do their duty, for once!

As an unbiased observer, it seems to me that this is a rare opportunity for the people of Pakistan, specially the young, to take charge of their own destiny, and for once listen to their inner voices and not be influenced by the many voices which they have been brain washed and hypnotized over the years to listen to.

This is not about Imran Khan, but about what he says.  It is about your right to be treated fairly and not be cheated by those in whom you have been putting your trust since Aug 14, 1947.  Do not listen to Imran Khan because of what he is, but because of what he says.  If what he, or anybody else, says makes sense, use it in your decision making process.  If it does not make sense, do what your heart and your mind tells you, not what anyone else has been telling you. 

Because you, and only you, have your best interest at heart and no one else, if they say otherwise they are hypocrites. 

So please, please, please do not lose sight of the forest for the trees and let the politicians, Mullahs or anyone tell you what to do.  God has given you a brain to think for yourself - it will be a sin not to use that gift of god.  It is surely scary and a big responsibility to think for yourself, but no matter what, you cannot do any worse than what you have done listening to others.   You are as good as any one of them, if not better.  Have faith in yourself and think and take responsibility for your actions.

Fight the urge to conform and exercise your God-given right to think for yourself. 

Beware of the man who is willing to sacrifice your life for his beliefs.  

Good luck and God Speed.

And by all means use, social media, the modern day weapon against suppression.

Use Helpxchange.org to come together to collaborate with each other and make a better Pakistan.  


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