Classroom Furniture for Adult Learning Center

Kamatanda, Zambia

One Community at a Time

Project Detail

The Global Ambassadors completed construction on a brick school building in the village of Kamatanda, Zambia in March 2019. Prior to this, the students learned in a mud stick structure that would wash away in the rainy season. This new structure added protection from the elements, however, there was no money for interior furnishings. Teacher Mark has been heading the school since its inception and would like desks for the adult learners, so they do not have to work on the floor. We are also asking for a desk for Teacher Mark adn a Chair for him to sit on while he grades. All items will be hand constructed by students at YCTC, a job training center helping aids orphans gain job skills. The students will make the desks using local Mukwa wood and will transport them to the school. Each student desk costs approximately $65, depending on the exchange rate. The locking teacher desk is  $85 with another $25 for the chair. Please consider making a donation to sponsor a desk. The donation is tax deductible and photos will be shared with you once the desks are delivered.


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